About Us


Archer's Organics was founded by landscape designer and mango grower Richard Archer in 2014 and is now a partnership with Ian McNeel, social entrepreneur, impact investor and director of Slow Food Barbados, environmental engineer Shae Warren and Philip McKeever, a chartered accountant specializing in agribusiness. The main motivation of our farm is to grow clean, green sustainable produce that is water efficient, energy efficient and free from pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers that harm the health of people and the environment. Aquaponics provides the technology and methodology to do just that. Using a closed loop recirculating system that utilizes the waste of farmed tilapia, and a biological process involving ammonia nitrifying organisms, large quantities of plants can be grown in a naturally balanced ecosystem. The benefits are many. We use up to 90% less water to grow the same amount of plants as in soil culture. We are using far less fossil fuel resources; no diesel to operate tractors and ploughs and zero toxic pesticides or fertilizers. Less labour is needed, as there are no weeds to pull and planting is done standing upright and in one place. Harvesting is also done standing upright and in one place. Our planting density is high, so we do not need a large area of land to grow large amounts of produce.

After just one year of operation, Archer's Organics is supplying the finest restaurants and hotels in Barbados. You can enjoy our delicious, clean healthy produce at:
The Beach House
The Cliff Restaurant
The Cliff Beach Club
le Bistro
Britto Eat Fit
Bento Box/Chef Scott Ames
Fusion Rooftop
Fairmont Royal Pavillion
Tamarind Hotel
La Luna
The Mews
Open Kitchen
St. Peter's Bay
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